Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Weekend!


So, this weekend was my little sister’s wedding. It was a great wedding. She looked just wow! The girls were flower girls, and they looked so cute. T-rex got to kidnap her at the reception, and they had a great time going to McDonalds out of all places, to get a drink and talk. I think for T-rex he needed to do that because that was his little sister. Part of him just wanted to check in on his little sister. Those two are good friends, which might be odd but T-rex and I got married when she was still in high school and he always treated her like his little sister. And he thought it would be fun to stress the groom out a little! That’s my husband!

The wedding was great; everyone had a really good time. But it was late. We had to drive two hours to get back home. Add in kids and we really had to drive like 3 hours and we didn’t get out on the road until about 11:30 our time (Yeah add in a time change too). What happened on the way home was just meant to be, karma, or a God thing. Just how in the word everything fell into place is beyond me.

This is a small town, my home town, so I tend to let my guard down. We opted to stop and get gas before getting a bite to eat because our gas gauge has been acting up, and I wanted to make sure we would have enough money, and gas for the rest of our long trip home. After getting gas we discussed where to go to get a quick cheap bite to eat. We almost stopped at McDonalds just because we know the dollar menu keeps the kids happy. I argued my way into Wendy’s which we thought was closed. It was open and T-rex started to order his food.

Then this guy comes up and says “I am just closing your gas lid boss.”

First any guy who says “boss” kind of freaks me out. Maybe I heard him wrong, but I really don’t think I did. It stuck with me that he said “boss.” Well T-rex being how he is says thank you and then checks this guy out as he leaves.

All of a sudden T-rex yells “That son of a bitch!” Then he goes to unbuckle himself, which just so happens to be the side where T-rex usually keeps his gun. It’s dark and late, and I see T-rex yell and go for his gun. As T-rex is getting out of the car this guy turns around and starts to walk to T-rex yelling something like “Well Mother Fucker!”

Panic started to set in, and I had no clue what was going on. What did this guy do? Was T-rex going to shoot him? Do I pull over into the driver side and drive away? Do I hide the kids? How am I going to hide the kids? I don’t think I have ever been more afraid in my life.

Then this guy gives T-rex a hug. They sit there with dumb smiles on their faces, and a round of “Hey man! Wow! What are you doing here?” goes about.

Turns out this guy was an old friend of T-rex’s back in high school. They hadn’t seen each other in at least 7 years. I remember the guy a little from high school. He was much older, and I always thought he was kind of full of himself. But T-rex and he seem to be good friends.

And all that is nice, I would love to be happy for T-rex, but I am still trying to get my heart to stop! Really do all guys greet each other like that? And what with the swears? It really sounded like T-rex was mad that the guy did something to the car! I don’t know what I thought this guy did . . . but he must have been a bad guy. Well, that is how it sounded when T-rex went off like he did.

I think the swears must be a cop/military/guy thing. Whenever T-rex’s brother Joe calls, they answer the phone with a stream of swears. I fear for the kids when Joe calls!

Well I am happy that T-rex got to see an old friend. I think it is great, and everything had to fall into place just right for that to happen. I am happy it did, I am happy we left the gas lid off, I am happy he is the type of guy to do that for a person, and I am happy that T-rex didn’t have his gun out. Turns out T-rex left it at home, he is on restriction right now with his classes and they don’t want him to carry it. Which in some ways I think could have been really bad! No matter how happy I am that it was a great end to a great weekend, I still want to punch T-rex in the face!

We now have a new rule, he has to stop yelling “That son of a bitch” unless it is really a bad guy, and then he should DRIVE AWAY! He said that he would drive away if we were in danger, and not go pick a fight. Well, that is good to know, I just wish he would have told me that BEFORE I nearly died of fear! Oh and I learned to pay more attention, a seatbelt is not the same as a gun!


Spark Check said...

It's a guy thing. :-)

Yellow said...

I guess it must be! I will never understand it.

Ann T. said...

Dear Yellow,
Never mind the cursing, I want to know about the kidnapping!! What is that?? I haven't heard about this one!

Just if you have time,
Ann T.

Yellow said...

It was fun! Really fun for me too :) I will have to write a post about it for you in the next week or so. .Oddly I think you will get a kick out of it!