Friday, August 27, 2010

Hey babe could you. . .

So T-rex came home and asked me: “Hey babe, could you get drunk tonight? I want to try out what I learned this week.”

Now, I don’t drink much. Wine with dinner is one thing, but for a person to get drunk, well it’s just distasteful to me.

At first I thought this was some bad pick up line. At least that would have been more normal!

Oh he learned about other drugs too. I am not allowed to drive after taking Benadryl anymore.

As long as I hide the cameras first I should be safe today! No need for him to introduce me as subject number one to his class.

I would write more about this, but like any good wife I am doing my part to help my husband.

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Sister Copinherhair said...

Ha ha! I loved when Indubitably gave me a sobriety test. It was really kinda hot. ;)

Leah said...

CC did the same thing! Except his mom, after a few too many margaritas, decided it would fun for him to perform the tests on her, and it was hysterical. A few weeks later, I had a few too many margaritas at his dad's house and came home to take the SFSTs as well! Good times. :)

Betty Joe said...

Love it! Never done this with my hubby. I hope you post the results!!

Anonymous said...

5oh totally did this too... haha love it

Ann T. said...

Dear Yellow,
So, what vintage?

You have the best stories. I don't know how you do it.

Ann T.

Yellow said...

Well I ended up not drinking to much. Like I said I just don't like to drink much. And Ann. .Vintage? HUH? Whats that Wine in box stuff. .thats more like what I would drink LMAO!

Um no really it was some local grape wine, it was good. But still just a cheap wine. LOL

T-rex said I would have failed. But he never did do the SFST.

Leah~ I hate how you know that its called SFST. LOL after you posted that I had to ask T-rex what that was! LOL he said he had told me only a million times already. HAHA oh well.

jediwife said...

wish that was all I had to do! I'd "do my part" with pride :P