Monday, August 2, 2010

Being interrogated

I will never ever commit a crime as long as I live. For no other reason than I don’t ever want to be interrogated. How stressful that must be for people.

T-rex is learning about interrogation right now. So like any good student he had to try it out, and like any good wife, I gave myself up for the name of education! He thought it would be simple for him to try out some of his skills, and see the “suspect’s” reactions.

So I was told to take something off the top of the table and go sit outside. He would then find out what I took and try to get me to say why I took it and where I put it. I took a voice recorder and put it under the couch. I thought I was being smart!

He came back out in like 2 seconds and started the interview part. I could not stop giggling.

T-rex: “Mrs. Rex, do you know why you were called down here?”

Me: All giggles. “Um, no”

Then he goes on with personal questions, age, height, weight, married or not and so on. I think I did a good job at messing him up, when he asked if I had kids I replied with “is this relevant to the case at hand” I wasn’t going to give him any information to use against me!

Note to cops doing this to their wives, when she says her weight is 120 you write down 120 and smile and don’t give her that look like “yeah right” If she says 120 then that’s what it is okay!

When he asked what my husband’s name was, I made up something dumb. A note to the wives, before giving your husband a nick name like “pretty pink prince’s pants” make sure he unarmed!

I could not help but giggle the whole time. T-rex said I did that because I was nervous. I guess I was a little. Then he started in on the real interrogation part of things, and the giggles kind of stopped. But my hands started to fidget. T-rex says that is what guilty people do to avoid facing what’s going on. I think that is what anyone does when being drilled a million questions, and accused of doing something bad.

I stopped looking at him when he told me he KNEW I took it. I knew he knew but, it made me more nervous. He started to move in and I tried to pull away. I was ready to crack just to get him to stop. I did, even after all my brave front with the funny nick name and attitude at the start I caved in and told him everything!

It was just a game! Nothing bad was going to happen to me. I knew he already knew what I took, there wasn’t that much stuff on the table, he knew it was me. The whole point was for me to do something and him ask questions. Why did I cave in so easy?

I think he is going to be a good interviewer/interrogator. I just hope he never asks how much my shoes cost. I have a feeling he is going to use his new skills to his advantage around Christmas time.


Sister Copinherhair said...

Indubitably gave me a sobriety test after a couple glasses of wine at my house one night after he had some course on new techniques. I had never been given a sobriety test before and I hate to admit it but I was kind of turned on by his "serious cop" side. :)

By the way, he said I would have passed. ;)

Ann T. said...

Dear Yellow,
I would never pass an interrogation because I am a terrible liar. If I am a clerk and someone asks if there's a bathroom, sure, I can lie about that. But if it is about my motivations, something I failed to do, or something I did, I turn bright red! Oh no! I would have cracked first off! Faster than you! i hate it though!

On the second note, my husband was a shrink. May all the saints help me if I ever said anything incorrectly. It never failed but to be analyzed, with me along with it. Auggggh! There have to be ground rules about when interrogation is allowed.

play the mercy card!
Ann T.

Yellow said...

Sister~ T-rex has done that to me too! I would have failed. But only because I was laughing at him so much! LOL I can't help it! I guess I get to nervous for my own good.

I feel for you, I really do! When I was taking my psychology classes I went a good month where everything anyone said to me was analyzed. Soon they started doing it back to me. Yeah not a nice way to go about your day! LOL My advice, just mess with people who do that. . I think I will just mess with T-rex if he starts to interrogate me again. This time I will be better at it.

mrs. fuzz said...

HAha! I would've failed miserably.

Meadowlark said...

When husband first started we watched a video of one of the veterans interviewing a suspect. As I was watching I suddenly blurted out "holy cow! I could never kill you in your sleep. I would TOTALLY confess!!! Even if I didn't do it I would confess!!!" Husband just looked at me sidewise and said "oooooookaaaaaay. good to know."

He still teases me about it.

Yellow said...

Mrs. Fuzz~ It is good to know I am not the only one!

Medowlark~ Yes I get the feeling I would confess even if I didn't do it too. . which makes me worry about our system here. . Or I am just weak LOL

What I find really funny is that you said you wouldn't kill him in his sleep . .are waking hours still an option? LOL I only ask cause I told T-rex I was going to kill him in his sleep if he didnt stop snoring .. Waking hours he is slightly more pleasant to be around! lol

Meadowlark said...

In the daytime he could TOTALLY take me, so I have to rely on stealth and cunning. aka: he's asleep.

Of course, in 25 years I haven't QUITE worked up the courage, but I tell him to watch his Ps and Qs - has to go to sleep SOMEtime. ;)