Thursday, August 19, 2010

T-rex is a cop right? Can he. . .

Okay, so I get it people are going to talk to people who they know are in the profession they need help with. I have a plumber friend, and I call him for help with plumbing. He can tell me how to take a pipe off over the phone, or when things are really bad he can install a new flusher thing. I also have an electrician in the family, we talk about what I would someday have him do to the house, and he has put new light switches in for me and stuff like that.

All this they can do when they are not working. I pay for all the parts, and their time is free, or a beer and pizza. Mostly I just call and get some advice on how to fix it myself. I take what they say and do it. When told I need to call a plumber to come over, I do that. I don’t complain. If the job takes too much time, or needs to be done when “on the job” I get that.

What I don’t get is people calling T-rex for some of the stupid stuff he has been called about. Or even worse people calling me! Like I know how cop stuff works.

I have to remind people that T-rex cannot legally “be a cop” off hours.(which is really hard because he is also “on call” 24/7) Now true there are some things he can do off hours just because he is a cop, like carry his gun all over the place, stop violent crimes, and what not. But he cannot give your neighbor a parking ticket because they are too far from the curb. He cannot come write your theft report, and he cannot get you out of a ticket.

Calling me to have T-rex get you out a ticket will likely result in me forgetting who you are. You don’t pay out of pocket every time you call the cops, so if there are issues just call the cops who are working! If they don’t get to you right away then they are busy and your problem is not a big deal. Also don’t call me asking for legal advice, I am not a lawyer. As far as I care the cops did the right thing, and you’re dumb for breaking the law.

To make it easy I am going to make a nice list I can pass out to people. Things you can call and ask T-rex or myself about, and things you should call the cops about!

Things you can call about:

1. What the new Conceal Carry law say.

2. How old you child needs to be for a booster seat.

3. Where to go to, pay a ticket, register a car, or send money to an inmate (now truth be told if you are helping an inmate there is a chance, depending on what the inmate is in for, that we will not be talking much after this call)

4. Officer X was working my case, do you know if he is working today. (notice no phone numbers)

5. Can I do X legally? Be prepaid for the answer to be “I don’t know”

When you should not call:

1. You son’s DUI

2. To complain about the police

3. To get out of a ticket

4. To have T-rex do “cop stuff” off duty, legally he can’t do most of it

5. To report a crime

6. To have T-rex send cops to your place

7. To ask for another officers number

8. When you are doing something illegal.

IF you call T-rex at home for most of the reasons listed above you will be told to ... CALL THE COPS! What an idea.

It’s not like T-rex, or I am able to magically make your issues go away. He will talk to you about the job, what he can anyway. He will tell you what to do when you have a ticket, and none of that will include ways to get out of it. But, he will tell you how to pay it quickly so you don’t get more fines. He is such a good man to help like that.


Ann T. said...

Dear Yellow,
I swear this came up just last month at Mrs. Fuzz. You are right, we all get this kind of thing in life--or if you own a pickup, you will be asked to move somebody. If you know how to sew, they will make you do their mending. Ack!!

But excuse me, do you really want a police officer doing work off-hours for a pizza and a six-pack? I don't think so.

This is crazy stuff. And a lot of what you mentioned is available on the Internet, anyway--like concealed carry and booster seats--

Just say no,
Ann T.

Betty Joe said...

My husband gets this all the time. Its really annoying. He had a friend call him saying he saw a guy with a gun in his car outside his house. My hubby was like "Call the police! Why are you calling me?!?". Hello!

Sister Copinherhair said...

Try being a hairdresser and dating a cop! Some people have spent their entire appointment time commenting, questioning, or complaining about the police. And I'm stuck! Sometimes they have valid questions. Most of the time it's idiotic.

I used to have this nice little perk where Indubitably would stop by with a Starbuck's for me...UNTIL Rebecca was in my chair. She took it as her own little interview session with the police. And asked completely asinine questions...

So much for having a Starbuck's delivered. :(