Thursday, August 26, 2010

Going to see T-rex

I drove 2 hours to see T-rex for only 2 short hours to drive back home again!

Tuesday I got all the kids in the car for the long drive to see T-rex at the academy. The drive down there was not bad, it was about noon when we started our long trip, but the kids always do well in the car. With just one stop I thought we were making great time. I knew T-rex didn’t get out until 5, but thought the kids would enjoy the museum.

T-rex called about 30 minutes into the trip. I guess he heard the GPS, because he said “I don’t know but I have a feeling you are on your way down here.” I didn’t know what to think! Some quick thinking left me to lie to T-rex. Lilly did not like that at all! I knew I should not have picked up the phone!

The museum was great! At least I thought so; the kids didn’t like it that much. It was getting near 5 so we started our way to the academy. Only to get lost! We got there around 5:15. I thought we had enough time to get T-rex and go out to eat. Only he didn’t pick up his phone! And no one knew where he was.

When I got him on the phone I lied again about a note in his truck to get him to come outside, there the kids were all sitting on his truck and yelled “Surprise!” they loved it. Turns out he had already eaten; they let the guys eat early today because at 6 they were getting tased. I was very sad at this. He had not even showered yet, and because I didn’t let him know that we were going to be there he didn’t get permission for us to go to his room.

He set us up in the commons room, full of cops, so he could shower and then we would get together with his parents for diner. This was fine with me I could use a minute to sit down, and the kids could use a minute out of the car. And all of this would have been great. But Dino! Dino is the only kid I know who could run into a room full of cops, act like a monkey, with sounds and everything, and not care at all. She loved it! She asked everyone if they were a cop. They all smiled and said yes. Lilly sat there and giggled at everyone. Rae acted more like I would have, she asked me to hold her and just sat there.

It is so strange how different they all act. I also think it’s a little strange that they are so comfortable with people who have guns and can send you to jail! I think they all just remind me of my Dad so much I am afraid to get grounded. Something about a cop just yells “Go to your room!” Yep even T-rex at times, like when I am trying to surprise him, I feel so guilty about it.

We had a great trip, the diner was good. The drive home was not bad, only one missed turn but I got back around just fine. I feel bad for T-rex having to make that drive every week. But it was well worth it.


Ann T. said...

Dear Yellow,
It sounds like it was a good trip and a fairly okay drive! I'm glad you got to see T-Rex!

Good job! It's a memory made, too.
Ann T.

Betty Joe said...

How long does your husband have in the academy? Sounds like your family had fun even though it wasn't that long.