Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ammo in the. . .

Bed! That’s right, ammo in the bed. I am still lucky there is no ammo in the dryer. However, you cannot really say finding ammo in the bed is lucky. There I was ready to fall asleep when I rolled over to get poked in the butt. Part of me wanted to think something fun was going to come out of this, but T-rex is gone. Then I thought the kids left toys on the bed. No, it was not the kids. It was T-rex, which is just as bad as if it were one of the kids.

There on the bed was a .223 round. I am not sure what a .223 round really is, but it goes in a big gun with some letters and a number. If you know what it is please don’t bother explaining it to me, I will just play cartoons in my head. I have already lost 34.5 hours this year watching cartoons when T-rex tries to explain gun stuff to me. I am sure some of it is sticking, as I know this round is a .223.

I was getting ready to call him and yell at him for not putting ammo up, but thought better of it and I decided I would yell at him the next day. Well, it’s a good thing I waited. The next morning I went to get my earrings when five .22 rounds fell out of my jewelry box. They were mine. I felt almost bad for wanting to give T-rex an ear full. But my rounds never poked him in the butt!

I do know what a .22 is. I have an old riffle that my dad gave me. It’s the first and only gun I have ever really shot. The sights are bent, as they have been from the time I got it. T-rex says he wants to fix them. I don’t want him too, I am afraid if he does I will not know how to shoot my gun!

I am a fairly good shot with that gun too. I tilt it slightly to the right, aim with both eyes open, and fire. I can get a good head shot off where T-rex practices for qualifications. He is always trying to teach me how to shoot the “right” way. I guess he thinks he needs to show me how to do it right because near the end of the day my paper is covered in holes. The only ones I even count are the ones I tried to aim with. Two in the chest and one to the head, all the other ones are from me just smelling gun powder. I love that smell. And with .22 I can afford to just play around. With a single shot I don’t have time to aim. Or at least that’s what I tell myself.

I don’t want to learn about guns, or how to shoot. I like what I have going here with the old gun my dad gave me. And if I did leave the ammo from my gun on the bed it would not poke anyone in the butt.


Ann T. said...

Dear Yellow,
Oh, No! There's got to be a better place to keep ammo than in bed. Oh, No! That sounds bad to a dirty mind.

(So, uh, forget it.) To me keeping ammo in a jewelry box makes perfect sense. It's flat and holds small things. But what do I know?

Ann T.

Yellow said...

I am married to a cop, my mind is dirty! LOL.

Thank you for seeing my logic, nothing wrong with finding ammo in a jewlery box!

Thank you for coming back day after day :)