Friday, August 20, 2010

I never wanted to marry a cop!

Never! Not in a million years! Sure they are cute to look at. And, yeah, maybe on some level the cuffs seem like fun (They are not if you really wanted to know). But I never did I want to marry a cop!

I never thought T-rex would become a police officer. I mean this is the party guy of his class! This is the guy who in high school told the teacher he would bring vodka and orange juice to class. (He never did but still!) How was I to know he would turn into Mr. Law?

Well he did. Now I have to deal with all the cop stuff I don’t like.

Such as, I can’t threaten the children as freely as I would like. Although I have never really taped them to the chair to get them to eat dinner it would be nice to at least think about it. . maybe buy tape? I think I get my sick humor from my mother, who would line my sisters, the kids she was babysitting, and me up on the floor with catsup all over. She would make us lay dead until the babysitting kids’ mom came. Yeah it was great fun!

T-rex smells now. It is not a good work out smell. It’s a sewage, vest, gun, pot smell. I don’t care for it. How can something look so cute and smell so bad? I think Rae gets it from her dad now too. That kid is so cute, and stinks so bad sometimes. Just shocking!

He sleeps funny hours. Bats are more normal than him! I have really thought about getting my own room. Fact is, I sleep in the guest room a lot. I really like the bed in the guest room, and he is not in our room anyway. When he does get in at butt thirty whenever, I don’t want to get woken up so guest room it is. This is not what I had in mind when I got married.

He thinks most people are criminals. I start to see a lot more criminals. When we go to the store and someone says ‘hi’ I assume they are a “client” and take the kids to the car. I am sure to his real friends I seem like a jerk. I don’t think he has real friends anymore who are not cops. I wonder if that is normal.

This just is not what I thought things would be like. But it is great! I don’t think I would trade this life for any other. Getting to see someone do something they love so much is worth it. It’s not that I ever disliked cops. It is just a harder life. Sometimes I think it would be so cool if T-rex worked at a bank, or an office, or something! But then he would hate it, and really there is no fun for a banker like there is for a cop!


jediwife said...

Yup, I totally didn't envision myself being married to a cop... It just happens! you love 'em for whoever and whatever they matter how puzzling it gets!

Leah said...

I married a man that worked in the office 8-5! It was great! Except that he hated it! So, i'm right there with you, it's wonderful to see your man loving what he's doing! It completely out weighs any of the negative things about it! :)

Spark Check said...

I think the worst thing a cop can do is to lose touch with his/her civilian friends. Non-cop friends serve to remind me that not everyone out there is a suspect, and helps me to talk to other people without constantly using cop jargon/abbreviations. In short, they help me retain my normalcy.

Yellow said...

JW and Leah~ It is worth it if he loves it! Any more I don't know if I could deal with a normal 8-5 office job. This cray work stuff has become the new normal.

Spark~ hahahaha your normalcy? I don't think there is such a thing for cops! Although I do think you are right and getting more friends who are not cops would be a good thing. ;) Getting out of the cop jargon would be nice too!

Ann T. said...

Dear Yellow,
Interestingly, Raindog Blue says that staying in police work long-term is all about keeping your personal life as non-cop as possible. I don't know how that would be done, but he does seem to have a very good marriage and some compelling outside interests like photography.

It does seem like a double vocation--for you and for T-Rex! Remember that you can't help anyone if you can't help yourself.

Much affection,
Ann T.