Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lets go swimming

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I dislike the big city pools. I never was one to like them, even as a kid. But now that I have kids I find that I must drag them down at least once during the summer, they are young so once is still good. I am going to be sad the year they are at that age where they want to go all the time, yet I still have to be there. I think we might move that summer, to some place with no pool.

But we went today. And I was having an okay time. Alright, it was a good time. Rae and I were near the edge where it has what’s called a zero entry, so it’s all safe and stuff. She loves it, I didn’t have to stress about her. Dino wanted to do the slides so T-rex would take her over there and I would watch Rae act like a fish and Lilly would try to see as far as she could go out before getting afraid. Great times.

Everyone was having fun and happy, well, almost everyone. One dad must have had too much coffee, or something. His son was about 8 or so, and wanted to do the slides. Dad said sure, I will be right over here. Dad then starts to look at hot girls in little clothes. Great Dad! The son goes down the slide and hits the water going under for just a minute.The boy then starts to yell “HELP”.  He was clearly afraid.

Now it’s clear that this boy is fine, he is above the water, and if my 5 year old can go down the slide a million times with no issue, (she can’t swim but can walk to the wall) then this boy can. But he is a little freaked out. Panic was in his eyes. The whole time Dad is too far away to really help and the lifeguard is just sitting there, I mean this guy didn’t even move, lean in to talk to the boy, or nothing the lifeguard just sat there.

Well that got dads attention. Dad stomps over there and starts to yell at the lifeguard “Hey you A** F***! Don’t you see that kid yelling for help?!”

Now at this point part of me is like way to go dad! The parent in me was very ticked off that the lifeguard didn’t at least wiggle a butt cheek to check on this kid. Then the Cop’s wife in me kicks in and I start to wonder what Dad can be charged with. Another part of me is too busy laughing at that combination of cursing to really care.

If it were not for T-rex I could have just been happy the dad said something. But now I see him as a criminal. It’s not fair! Why can’t I just enjoy a good show anymore?

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Ann T. said...

Dear Yellow,
Oh, no! It just goes to show that understanding law and order just ruins everything!!!!

They threw us out of Eden so long ago!!!!

I'm laughing so hard, I can't stop . . .
Ann T.